Celebrating 1 Year for RubberLining.org

1 Year Celebration

Celebrating 1 year for RubberLining.org

We have had a fun year blogging about rubber lining and the associated disciplines.

More and more followers have been coming to visit our blog every month, averaging¬†300+ views per month. We are happy and able to help with any of the industries technical questions. If we don’t know the answer we are definitely able to point people in the right direction.

We want to send out a special thanks to Rubber Source for contributing articles to this open forum of rubber knowledge. If any of our readers feel inclined to submit a rubber lining industry articles, we would be happy to post them. We plan on having many more years of blogging to share in our industry specific knowledge. The more people who get involved in sharing rubber lining industry knowledge the better the industry will be.

Stay tuned for more articles on rubber lining.

Thanks for following along.

from the Rubberlining.org team.

Dan Chamberland


  1. salam (hello) dear Dan!
    I’m very happy to meet your site and also congratulate you because of it’s one year anniversary. it’s beautiful, new and different.
    could you please recommend me some relative references about rubber lining?
    and as an idea: could you please address references in your posts?
    thanks a lot
    M. Aghakhani

    • Salam

      I am glad you like our site. I’m not sure what you mean by recommend some relative references.
      If you can clarify I would be glad to provide you with further information.


      • Thank you for your attention. Sorry, my English is not very well!
        Contents of site is powerful but my object is that introduce me some books or sites about rubber lining. I’m working on my project in university and need to collect information about producing of NR and EPDM, preparing the surface for lining, mechanisms of rubber lining, sandblast and some related information.
        Title of my project is “rubber lining of tanks and reservoirs of chemical materials with EPDM”.

        • There are few books on the subject which I find accurate in this industry. There is more relevant industry type information than books on the subject. As for rubber properties the best book anywhere is “Chemical Resistance Guide For Elastomers 2” from Compass Publications. This book will enable you to evaluate rubber in certain chemical conditions and their affect. This web site is to get industry people to put together the best information available for lining industry.

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