HDPE and RubberLined Pipe



Can you mix and match HDPE and Rubber lined pipe?

The short answer is yes!

Why would you want to mix the two?

There are several different reasons to mix HDPE and carbon steel. The majority of the time you have an HDPE line that needs custom fittings that are not able to be built in HDPE due to pressure constraints. You make them out of carbon steel. Long sweeping radius are better accomplished in carbon steel induction pulled bends.

What about misalignment?

Using reducing flanges on the carbon steel combined with different liner thicknesses you can match up the ID on many schedules of HDPE piping. se picture above!

What about grooved terminations?

Using Style 997 couplings and D-rings on carbon steel you can achieve matching ID’s.

Where has this been used in mining?

Some of the best examples of this i have seen is on tailing manifolds. HDPE being used for the run to the taillings pond but the Tee shapes being made of carbon rubber lined, for strengths and configuration. Also many 3D elbows and laterals made this way to change the direction using carbon steel. Many more shapes are available in steel as opposed to fabricated HDPE fittings which can be weaker than the extruded pipe.


Dan Chamberland

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