What are the maximum lengths for rubber lined pipe?


The length of pipe that can be lined often comes down to the transportation method.

When rubber lining pipe, there is a maximum length that can be practically lined.

Here are some of the general rules of thumb when it comes to lining lengths. These rules however are not set in stone. In fact longer lengths can be achieved but the failure rate of the liner installation and cure go up significantly if the lengths listed are not respected.

1 – 2 1/2″ in Dia.  The realistic length to line a pipe is 24″ long. This is primarily due to pulling the liner in wet in the adhesive filled pipe. Generally in this size you will need to install the tube wet without the use of a silk as there is no room. Toluene is applied to the outside of the tube liberally in order to have the tube slip into place. This is the most practical method of installing the tube. As you drag the tube through the first few inches of adhesive  dissolved and get displaced. Any longer and the adhesive would be removed completely. This would result in a failure during the curing process.

3 – 4″ in Dia. In this size 10′ sections are recommended. This is due to tight constraint of the pipe. The tube is rolled into a silk but managing it to spring into place without a wrinkle is very difficult in this size. This diameter is also prone to trapping air. The smaller length allows the rubber liner to work the air bubble. Any longer and the trapped air would be too difficult to work out.

4 1/2″ – 14″ in Dia. This allows you to line length up to 20′ with no concerns.

16″-60″ in Dia. The length of pipe that can be lined often comes down to the transportation method.

Transport Truck -The longest common length you can transport if 40″ on a truck flat-deck. Loads can be longer baser on trailer design.

Shipping container 39′ is preferred as the inside length of a container is 39,5″ for ease of packaging an open top container is recommended.

Rail- offers you an interesting option as lengths can be as long as 50′-80′ assuming you have the material handling equipment supplier of material that length, autoclave to cure the material or manifold and boiler that can provide enough steam for an atmospheric cure and rail spur to accommodate these lengths.

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